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ParkLogic - More than a parking company

In this video, ParkLogic co-founder Michael Gilmour outlines how ParkLogic is substantially different from every other domain monetization company. Since 2007 ParkLogic has been at the cutting edge of monetizing domain traffic and has consistently worked towards providing superior returns for clients. By partnering with ParkLogic, professional domain investors get the benefit of over a decade of experience from a team that has consistently delivered results.

The video covers 5 key areas for the value ParkLogic provides domain investors:

  1. Performance
  2. Risk Management
  3. Stop Leakage
  4. Reduce Cost
  5. Professional Support

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ParkLogic Next Launched

ParkLogic Next Launched

An introduction to the new ParkLogic Next domain management platform from co-founder, Michael Gilmour. In groups, clients will receive an email with further details on the migratation of their own ParkLogic account to Next.

Michael said, "To date, both the client feedback and results of Next has been fantastic. Next has been built from the ground up on the knowledge of over 10 years of domain monetization experience."

The Next platform is more like a framework that will provide the flexibility and scalability to drive revenues forward. It's now going to be possible to implement many of the creative ideas that will assist in extracting the full value from domain traffic into the future.

Don't panic if you don't immediately receive your migration email. We are migrating groups of clients at a time so that we are available to assist and answer any questions.

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Video Tutorials - The Next Interface

ParkLogic - More than a parking company
Since 2007 ParkLogic has been at the cutting edge of monetizing domain traffic and has consistently work towards providing superior returns for clients.

The Next Dashboard
A quick video tour of the Next dashboard featuring some of the powerful analytic tools to help you get the most out of Next.
Domain Listings
In this video, ParkLogic founder Michael Gilmour, will take you through how to get the most from the functionality built into the domain list interface.


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About ParkLogic Next...

About ParkLogic Next...

ParkLogic founder, Michael Gilmour, shares about the upcoming release of the ParkLogic Next platform. This Next generation domain monetisation platform has been built from the ground up on the basis of over 10 years experience optimising domain name traffic.

Several years ago, ParkLogic identified that "Big Data" was the key to greater domain monetisation. In Next over 250 data points are tracked and processed each day for every domain name so that the best decisions can be made for routing the traffic to the highest payer.

Enjoy this short video as Michael unpacks a number of the incredible benefits Next brings domain investors.

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The Hidden Value of Optimisation

Many domain portfolio owners get so focused on their parking statistics that they forget about other factors that impact the overall performance of their portfolio. In this article I would like to unpack the effect the Euro/US exchange rate has had on a portfolio and to illustrate that all is not as it seems.

I was recently looking into the performance of a particular portfolio that does a little over $20,000 per month in revenue. Given the size, I was confident that it was statistically significant for my analysis.

What I was investigating was the RPM (Revenue Per Thousand Visitors) trend so that I could try and understand what is going on with the overall performance. The reason why I was interested in the RPM is because the measurement effectively removes the impact of any fluctuations in traffic.

Since Sept 2014 the RPM for the account had dropped 6.5% from 13.85 to 13.00. Many portfolio owners have experienced some downturn across this period of time but I thought that further investigation was warranted. It just so happened that the portfolio had a large amount of European traffic and this got me thinking.

It wasn’t long before I had the below graph of the Euro/US exchange rate for the same period of time. The Euro had effectively depreciated by around 20% and this is what had contributed to the adverse results.

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Frederick Schiwek - Domain Invest

Frederick Schiwek

I've worked with ParkLogic for many years and they provide an excellent platform backed up by an expert team.

Stevan Lieberman - AP Legal, Escrow Domains

Dan Warner

I love working with the team at ParkLogic as they are on the cutting edge of monetising domain traffic.


Jothan Frakes - DomainFest & NamesCon

Jothan Frakes

I've used the Park Logic platform personally for years, and I appreciate their optimization strategy.

Jeff Weller - Think 7

Jeff Weller

The results at ParkLogic consistently exceed my expectations. I want to work with the best. Hands down, without question - these are the smartest people in the room. I love it here. You will too.

Braden Pollock - Legal Brand Marketing

Braden Pollock

I love working with the ParkLogic team and knowing that my domains are being looked after while I focus on other projects.


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