J. van CluteI started working with the team at ParkLogic in July of 2012. At that time I had accounts with most of the major parking companies and was constantly tearing my hair out trying to manage all my DNS, revenue, and traffic filtering/performance issues. It was a total nightmare and I was almost to the point of giving up on “this whole domain parking thing.”

ParkLogic turned everything around, and Michael took such a personal interest in and responsibility for my business, that I soon moved all of my domains over to them and have never looked back. Now after 4 years of working closely together and even meeting in person several times, I can say without reservation that I consider him more of a partner and friend than just another vendor. And he always treats me just the same - I’ve never been just another client.

ParkLogic has taken my business and helped it go where I’ve always believed it could be, but couldn’t make happen myself. Their focus on continual optimization and testing is a perfect fit for me, and I don’t know of any company that does it better.

The ParkLogic team has consistently sought my input on new ideas and features in their systems, and have rolled out many things that started as part of my wish list. I’m confident that I wouldn’t still be in this business today if not for Michael, David, and the rest of the amazing ParkLogic crew. I look forward to many more years of successful collaboration!

J. van Clute


Frederick Schiwek - Domain Invest

Frederick Schiwek

I've worked with ParkLogic for many years and they provide an excellent platform backed up by an expert team.

Stevan Lieberman - AP Legal, Escrow Domains

Dan Warner

I love working with the team at ParkLogic as they are on the cutting edge of monetising domain traffic.


Jothan Frakes - DomainFest & NamesCon

Jothan Frakes

I've used the Park Logic platform personally for years, and I appreciate their optimization strategy.

Jeff Weller - Think 7

Jeff Weller

The results at ParkLogic consistently exceed my expectations. I want to work with the best. Hands down, without question - these are the smartest people in the room. I love it here. You will too.

Braden Pollock - Legal Brand Marketing

Braden Pollock

I love working with the ParkLogic team and knowing that my domains are being looked after while I focus on other projects.

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