The ParkLogic Next platform is the culmination of nearly a decade’s experience in traffic monetization. Within less than one hundred milliseconds the decision algorithms route traffic to the solution that will pay out the most for the traffic owner.

Next provides hyper-local targeting to help take advantage of higher advertising revenue solutions as well as being integrated into major advertising exchanges. This means that the full value from traffic can be extracted both now and into the future.

ParkLogic manages the entire optimization process on your behalf which means you will have experts watching your traffic every step of the way. The sophisticated algorithms route the traffic through to the highest paying monetization source, whether they are traditional parking solutions, zero-click, affiliate or direct advertisers. This means it’s unnecessary for you to setup and manage a myriad of accounts at different monetization providers, we manage all of this on your behalf.

Video tutorials on the ParkLogic interface can be viewed by clicking here.

Advanced Interface

Data is consolidated from all monetization providers and displayed in an elegant and yet powerful online interface. Many of the features that you would come to expect from a spreadsheet are readily available, everything from filtering and sorting the data right through to adding trend-lines to graphs.

You can also use the dynamic graphs to zoom in and then have the table automatically populated so that you can drill further into the data. As well as the expected traffic, clicks and revenue data, domains also display country and referrer links to assist you in better understanding what is driving the underlying trends.


All information displayed is what the traffic has actually earned. Accounting records clearly display ParkLogic’s commission from optimizing your domain traffic so there is nothing hidden at all. You will never be in doubt about how much your domains earn and whether you are paid correctly.


Many of our clients use the ParkLogic platform for benchmarking purposes to test the performance of any new monetization platforms. Our experts can quickly analyze the data from a new monetization solution to help clients better understand the pros and cons of any special deal they may be considering.


ParkLogic also provides a complete outsourcing service for those domain investors that are more concerned with their return on investment rather than managing domain renewals. After agreeing to a simple set of business rules you can be confident that your back-office requirements are being taken care of so you can focus on growing your investment.

As a part of our outsource service we can also negotiate sales, be the first port of call on legal matters and even arrange domain transfers.

Expert Team

With nearly a combined one hundred years of experience in the domain industry the ParkLogic team is experts in managing domain assets. If you require additional services, then you should have the confidence that you have an expert team of professionals that can assist you at any point in time.

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