Client considering moving onto the ParkLogic platform. The domains were highly optimized with a mixture of the traffic either going 100% to the currently best winning solution or optimized via the another traffic splitting platform. Total number of domains: 3,275

Test structure

All of the domain nameservers were updated to point to ParkLogic. The baseline data was provided by the client and showed the portfolio was doing $144.57 per day in revenue for the previous month.

Analysis and Results

After being on the ParkLogic platform for 23 days there was an overall 27.35% increase in revenue which equated to $39.54 per day. A clear revenue, normalized RPM and RPM trend was established despite a decline in views versus the baseline.


The below table shows the uplift in revenue for the differing levels of domain traffic during the test compared to the baseline. For example, for domains that received at least the same level of traffic as the baseline ParkLogic produced an 84% uplift in revenue, for those with least 80% of the baseline traffic a 62% revenue uplift.


As can be seen, the major influencing factor on the test performance was whether the domains had the same levels of traffic. The client was very happy with the results and has continued working with ParkLogic.

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