ParkLogic works closely with registry partners to help them to better understand their non-existent domain traffic (NXD) and the potential commercial opportunities it represents. In particular, if you are a country based registry (ccTLD) then there is a significant opportunities with NXD traffic and building your own domain portfolio for resale or retaining it for the ongoing revenue.

The Registry Dashboard

The ParkLogic Registry platform provides detailed analytics at the registry, domain and IP address levels. This provides registries with an unprecedented level of data to assist them in meeting their business goals. An example of the primary registry dashboard and some of the statistics available for NXD domain traffic is below: Registry dashboard

The Registry Cycle

The ParkLogic registry cycle outlines the three stages where registries can potentially earn additional revenue. They are:

1.  Building an Owner Operated portfolio
ParkLogic has a turn key solution for generating revenue from domain name traffic. For over 10 years, we've been working with all of the major traditional parking solutions, affiliate programs and real-time bidding networks to extract the most value from domain traffic.

2. New Registrations
The ParkLogic registry solution easily enables registries to provide their resellers and brand partners access to analytical data that will spur on new registrations.

3. Registrars
When ParkLogic works with a registry's reseller we can greatly assist in reducing the number of domains that are dropped by helping the registrar build their own valuable domain portfolio.

The three stages of generating additional revenue.

Widget Driven Templates

ParkLogic's widget templating platform enables a registry to quickly and easily create a customised lander for their own durisdiction. The solution focuses on the user experience to assist them in reaching their desired destination as smoothly and as quickly as possible without the user unfriendly 404 error page. Registries may use one of our existing templates or work with ParkLogic to customize a solution that highlights your own unique branding and requirements.

Widget driven templates.

Policy Compliance

ParkLogic’s flexible registry solution can assist registries that may be constrained through policies to more fully understand the commercial opportunity by initially implementing a research project with their NXD traffic. While ParkLogic identifies domains with monetisable traffic we will ensure that compliance and quality is maintained with all advertising networks.

Download a PDF

A PDF powerpoint presentation that outlines the benefits of the ParkLogic Registry solution may be downloaded by clicking on the image to the left.



It takes only a few minutes to implement the registry solution for most registries. A one page technical implementation document can be downloaded here. The ParkLogic technical team will be available if you have any questions or special customization requirements.

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