The ParkLogic platform is the most advanced domain traffic revenue optimization system in the world. Each day, over 300 metrics are analyzed for each domain name to determine which monetization solution will provide the highest yield for clients.

ParkLogic Next

The recent release of ParkLogic Next provides hyper-local targeting capabilities that will ensure continued returns from domain traffic into the future. As an example, the rules based decision engine can now target all German speakers, on IOS devices, in New York between the hours of 10am and 1pm with a particular advertisement.

Your Team of Experts

ParkLogic clients not only get the benefit of state-of-the-art technology but the knowledge and experience of a team of professionals dedicated to increasing the yield from your domain traffic while lowering management costs.

Behind the scenes the ParkLogic team diligently ensures that all your domains are being monetised all of the time. A few of the items being monitored include; checking that "for sale" links on every parked page remain in place, your domains are installed correctly with all monetisation providers, the DNS is set correctly and cNames are performing as expected.

Outsourced Management

We provide solutions for domain investors to completely outsource their renewals, monetization and sales based upon a strict set of business rules. This allows domain investors to focus on sourcing additional valuable domains while their back-office is being looked after. It also means that time and resources previously expended on portfolio management can be reallocated to more profitable ventures.


We pride ourselves in being as transparent as possible. Our approach to business means that you will have the confidence that there aren’t any hidden commissions or costs. There are none. Everything is declared. Everything is open. Everything is transparent. We value honesty and developing trust with our clients over the long-term.

The five levels of domain optimisation

New ParkLogic clients instantly benefit from the five levels of domain optimisation. This increases the revenue generated by your domain traffic as we apply the disciplines to your domain portfolio.
  1. Being part of a larger pool of traffic instantly scales new clients revenue. ParkLogic will establish and manage monetization accounts on behalf of clients with all major partners. You will receive the highest payout levels everywhere due to the massed volume of ParkLogic traffic.
  2. Algorithms manage the flow of traffic to the highest paying monetisation solution. Effectively we are auctioning your traffic each day to the highest bidder.
  3. Optimisation of the page content to better match domain traffic to the right advertiser.
  4. New technologies to help extract every bit of value from domains traffic.
  5. Portfolio management to reduce revenue leakage

Becoming a ParkLogic Client

In an industry that is beset by fraudulent practices we have found that working with good quality people helps ensure good quality traffic for advertisers. Becoming a ParkLogic client means you can be reassured that your returns will not be diluted by a “bad player” on the platform. This fixation on quality means we are able to provide superior returns for clients.

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