Client moved to the ParkLogic platform from a single parking solution that had optimised the domains over many years. Total number of domains in the portfolio: 2,773

Test Structure

All of the nameservers for the domains were updated to point to ParkLogic. The baseline data was provided by the client and showed the portfolio was doing $34.94 per day in revenue for the previous month.

Analysis and Results

After being on the ParkLogic platform for 49 days there was an overall performance increase of 200% of the baseline which equated to $69.96 per day in gross revenue and up from the baseline of $34.94. The below charts show the revenue, RPM and normalised RPM (plRPM) trends all display a clear improvement as the optimisation algorithms worked across the domains in the portfolio.



The following table show that for domains that did at least the same amount of traffic as the baseline there was over a 501% increase in revenue. Domains that did at least 80% or more of the traffic levels of the baseline there was a 278% increase in the overall revenue.


 As is typical the major influence in improvement is whether the domains had the same levels of traffic on the ParkLogic platform as compared to the baseline. As can be expected, the client was very pleased with the results and has remained with ParkLogic to this day.



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