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graphYour domain traffic is optimised so that it is always paid the most over the long-term. From traditional parking to affiliate and even developing full content driven websites.

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investormoneyA large suite of tools designed for the professional investor to manage their assets — from tracking revenue and capital gains through to DNS and financial risk management.

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investortoolsComplete normalised metrics for your domain portfolio in an industry with widely varying definitions. This includes benchmarking your portfolios financial risk against the industry index.
Michael Gilmour
Michael Gilmour
"Over the last few years we've been listening to our customers and built the most sophisticated domain management platform currently available."

Why you should join

bullet Increase your domain revenue.

bullet Regarded as the most sophisticated domain management system available.

bullet Suite of powerful professional investors tools and over 20 reports.

bullet Benchmark your portfolio against an industry index.

bullet Manage domain renewals from a set of business rules.

bullet Complete end-to-end standardised metrics.

bullet Built on SalesForce technology used by Fortune 500.

bullet Transparent payment structure - you know what we get paid!

bullet Download the ParkLogic PDF brochure.


Merry Christmas and See You at NamesCon

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The ParkLogic team would like to wish all of our clients and friends in the domain industry a very Merry Christmas and a safe and prosperous New Year.

NamesconWe are really excited about 2016 and the launch of ParkLogic Next which is the next generation monetisation platform for professional domain investors. Five of us will be at NamesCon so if you have any questions then please don't hesitate to visit us at the meetup in the exhibition hall on Sunday.

ParkLogic founder, Michael Gilmour, will also be taking three sessions on domain monetisation.

2pm, Sunday 10th Jan - Domain Monetisation 101 - The Basics
This is a great session for those that are wanting to really come to grips with what it means to monetise their domain traffic.

3pm, Sunday 10th Jan - Topic Table B: Domain Parking
Get all of the questions that you've always wanted to ask about domain parking here. This will be a fun time of coming to grips with all of the data around domain monetisation and more importantly, what it all means.

3:20pm, Wednesday 13th Jan - Domain Monetisation MasterClass
During this session we take a big dive into understanding the data behind domain monetisation. This session is for the professional domain investor that really wants to understand how to extract the maximum value from domain traffic.

See you all at NamesCon!

Sneak Preview of ParkLogic Next

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At the recent Domain Conference in Fort Lauderdale, ParkLogic released a sneak preview of what we are calling “ParkLogic Next”. We will be publishing a series of short videos featuring different aspects of Next over the weeks leading up to Namescon in January. It's something that we're really excited about!

About 18 months ago, we made the big decision to rebuild our entire platform and infrastructure from the ground up. This was one of the best decision that we have ever made. With nearly a decade of accumulated knowledge and experience from extracting the full value from domain traffic we are on the cusp of releasing what we believe is a ground breaking domain platform.

We had a number of goals in designing Next:

  1. Informative – you can now view different aspects of your data at the click of a button. Everything from Excel like filters to adding trend lines are at your fingertips.
  2. Actionable – you can make decisions from the data before you.
  3. Fast – we don’t want clients to have to wait for extended periods of time for their data.



Finding the Gold in Domain Traffic

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I’ve had many domain investors ask me what is the difference between domain traffic monetisation now versus five years ago. The best way to understand this is to use a simple mining analogy.

During the gold rush floods of people poured onto the gold fields in search of their dream nugget that would make them rich. They looked everywhere and in a number of cases, individuals found a mother-load of gold.

Then someone came up with the great idea of using a pan to “pan for gold” in creeks. They worked out that heavier gold nuggets would wash into the deeper parts of the creek and all you had to do was sort out the gold from the other rocks. More miners struck it rich with this innovation and gold fever seemed to be catching!

This is very similar to the early days of parking domains. Initially, all you had to do was find a domain with traffic and point the DNS to a parking company. Magic happened and you received a cheque each was raining into the industry!

Now let’s move on with our gold rush…

As gold became more difficult to find miners moved from the creeks to digging shafts into the sides of mountains. They’d pull out the rocks and use a sluice to wash the muck to pull out the gold. The new sluice technology was incredibly innovative and made previously unprofitable mines viable.



The Year Ahead - 2015

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In 2015 the domain industry was launched with Namescon but there's a lot more on it's way. Domaining Europe, ICANN conferences and The Domain Conference being run by Howard, Barbara and Ray Neu are just a few of the topics discussed on this video.


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ParkLogic sent three people to Namescon in Las Vegas; Michael Gilmour (founder), David Gibbs (founder) and Joe Politzer (Business Development). We had an outstanding time meeting new clients and reaffirming our commitment to existing customers.

The Namescon team should be congratulated on the awesome conference where 900 attendees talked about the business of domains. The sessions were first rate, the business outstanding and the more informal events were fantastic.

We do apologise if we have gotten back to everyone since's been pretty hectic returning all the calls since returning to Australia. Trust me when I say that we will get back to you.

The following "happy snap" selfie was take as we walked down the main Las Vegas strip searching for a restaurant to eat at.

ParkLogic team at Namescon

Michael Gilmour (left), David Gibbs (centre) and Joe Politzer (right)


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Read about how ParkLogic is using as our client interface. ParkLogic chose the SalesForce platform as it's what the Fortune 500 use as their system of choice due to its scalability, robustness and high level of security. All these issues are critical to the professional domain owner in the management of their assets. more1