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Increase Your Revenue

graphYour domain traffic is optimised so that it is always paid the most over the long-term. From traditional parking to affiliate and even developing full content driven websites.

Professional Investor Tools

investormoneyA large suite of tools designed for the professional investor to manage their assets — from tracking revenue and capital gains through to DNS and financial risk management.

Analytics & Metrics

investortoolsComplete normalised metrics for your domain portfolio in an industry with widely varying definitions. This includes benchmarking your portfolios financial risk against the industry index.
Adam Dicker
"ParkLogic's platform solves many of the challenges of managing domain portfolios while providing great results for members."

Why you should join

bullet  Increase your domain revenue.

bullet  Regarded as the most sophisticated domain management system available.

bullet  Suite of powerful professional investors tools and over 20 reports.

bullet  Benchmark your portfolio against an industry index.

bullet  Manage domain renewals from a set of business rules.

bullet  Complete end-to-end standardised metrics.

bullet  Built on SalesForce technology used by Fortune 500.

bullet  Transparent payment structure - you know what we get paid!

bullet  Download the ParkLogic PDF brochure.

Michael Gilmour
Michael Gilmour
"Over the last few years we've been listening to our customers and built the most sophisticated domain management platform currently available."

DomainFest, Ad-tech, Webinars and more!

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In this video, ParkLogic founder, Michael Gilmour discusses Ad-tech, DomainFest and the webinars that he's running on There's a lot been happening at ParkLogic in the last few weeks and even more coming up as both founders (David and Michael) head over to the USA.

2014 - The Year Ahead

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ParkLogic founder, Michael Gilmour, discusses many of the great things that are going to be happening in the domain industry this year. Everything from new gTLDs to the various conferences and some of the innovations that ParkLogic will be releasing for customers.

Reflections on 2013

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ParkLogic founder, Michael Gilmour reflects on the past 12 months and what has transpired in 2013. Everything from outsourcing domain management, increasing revenue, domain sales and the new tLDs is discussed.

TRAFFIC conference and ParkLogic news

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ParkLogic founder, Michael Gilmour discusses the recent TRAFFIC conference and provides updates on new developments at ParkLogic. There's a lot happening in the domain world with all of the new TLDs being launched and there are a lot of traps for the uninformed buyer!

Do Something Different!

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The forums are full of people complaining about the decline of PPC but what is it that you can do to improve your revenue line? Michael discusses building websites and using services like ParkLogic to get the most out of your domain traffic. There is a lot of money being left on the table by people that leave all their domains in one place.

Be different and make a positive change for your domain business.

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salesforce parklogic case study
Read about how ParkLogic is using as our client interface. ParkLogic chose the SalesForce platform as it's what the Fortune 500 use as their system of choice due to its scalability, robustness and high level of security. All these issues are critical to the professional domain owner in the management of their assets. more1