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How was T.R.A.F.F.I.C.?

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BarbariansPanelBNeuThe long and short of a wrap up of T.R.A.F.F.I.C. is that it went really well. Not only did we have a wonderful time catching up with old friends, but we also made lots of new ones too. As far as the business side of things concerned it was excellent. We did many demonstrations and numbers of people signed up which was just tremendous.

To continue on from the last post - Monday morning was filled with brunch and opening remarks by Howard Neu and Rick Schwartz. Rick even had a present for all attendees of the Square Credit Card Reader by Apple, which was a lovely suprise. The launch of the Targeted Traffic app for iPhone and Android users happened with much buzz and excitement. Sessions then followed on one from the other with an obvious highlight of the day for us of our founder Michael Gilmour, being on the panel for "Barbarians at the Gates". The evening then saw Michael and Laci Nagy (Head of Operations) going out for dinner with guest speaker Scott Cleland, while Catherine attended the party at the W hosted by the ICM Registry.


Tuesday saw the Awards Ceremony take place in the morning and we'd like to congratulate all the winners. We'd especially like to mention the two Hall of Fame inductees and good friends of ParkLogic, Adam Dicker from DNForum, and Howard Neu, after all your hard work you both deserve it. There were then more sessions with Michael again on a panel for the "Meeting of the Chiefs" which was held after the Auction. It was then off to dinner with some key people and then back in time for the Closing Party.

Throughout the two days we also manned the booth not only doing demonstrations and signing people up from sun up to sun down, but also bringing smiles to peoples faces as they indulged in the yummy Aussie chocolate that we brought over. They had to have their special "Kangaroo lapel pin" on though otherwise it was a case of "No chocolate for you!" just like the Soup Nazi out of Seinfeld. Only we were a lot nicer with spare pins on hand to make sure that no one missed out. So after over 300 plus pins were given out to conference attendees and the wonderfully helpful staff of the Ritz Carlton, we managed to go through the 500 chocolate bars which was very good for easy our luggage situation for the return flights.


We also had many people fill in our forms to receive their Free Industry Report too which will be emailed out to them this week which was great too. If you missed out on the opportunity to hand in your form and would still like the report then please do not hesitate to contact us and we will make sure that you receive it too. This offer is also available for those of you who didn't attend the conference but would like to receive one too.


All in all though, congratulations need to be given to Howard and Barbara Neu and also Rick and Alina Schwartz, plus their whole team. You all did an absolutely wonderful job of pulling together such a great conference. We know we congratulated you during the Farewell Breakfast on the Wednesday morning, but it's nice to do it here in this public forum too. We really do appreciate the time, effort and thought that you put in and we look forward to the next one in May in Las Vegas.

Again to see more about the T.R.A.F.F.I.C. conference wrap up we encourage you to look at Ron Jackson's articles in DNJournal.