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Marketplace Update

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Two_business_men_negotiating_photoIt was just a few months ago that a suggestion was made by the ParkLogic Community regarding us having a Sales Platform. We saw this posted under Ideas in our Community Tab and agreed that it was definitely a service that we should have. Then in what seemed like moments, Marketplace was launched.

What has been fantastic to see is that not only are people using Marketplace - but sales are happening! It was only in June at DomainFest that Marketplace was launched and since then we have tracked over 250 negotiations. This is a tremendous response to date. Plus it goes to show that responding to suggestions from our Community is not only important; but also a very effective way of broadening the breadth of products and services that we have here at ParkLogic.

Marketplace is still in it's introductory period and therefore is a free service - with just a nominal monthly fee to be added once the next stage of development occurs. We encourage all of our Community to take advantage of Marketplace at this time; so that you can see for yourself what the ParkLogic difference is when it comes to domain sales.

Remember, we do not take commission on the sales! This is probably the most significant difference between Marketplace and the other domain sales platforms that are out there in the industry. However, not only is it a testament to the significant difference to the way we work; but also a significant difference to your bottom-line. There is nothing better than selling a name for $1000's and knowing full well that it is all your money and there is no middle man taking their cut.

ParkLogic is here to help as a Domain Asset Management system with various products and services to assist you in all aspects of a domains life. Therefore, Marketplace is simply there for Buyers and Sellers to meet, negotiate and coordinate the transfer of both the domains and funds.

So as you can tell, we have been very happy with how Marketplace has been working over the last two months. But we are also excited about looking to the future developments that will be occuring soon, thanks to the suggestions and feedback that we've received from the ParkLogic Community. We will be updating you soon about Marketplace once our next version is launched with its greater usability and added functions. But for now - happy selling!