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TRAFFIC Awards Nominees

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TRAFFIC_LOGOOpening your Inbox and seeing your name on the “Official TRAFFIC Awards Ballot” is definitely pretty cool! Just to know that someone has cared enough to nominate not only ParkLogic but also our Founder/CEO Michael Gilmour, is really very special indeed.

Therefore, we certainly encourage you to check your Inboxes and to see if you are a recipient of the Ballot form, because you only have just over a day before your vote is due. So if you have received it, vote for us - ParkLogic for “Best Overall Domain Solution” and Michael Gilmour in the “Domain Hall of Fame” category.

Of course we wish all the other nominees well and look forward to the Awards Ceremony at the upcoming TRAFFIC Conference in October. We hope that as many of you as possible are coming to the conference and make sure if you are, that you stop by and say, “Hello,” we’d love to see you.