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dnforumparklogicThe domain industry is one that both DNForum and ParkLogic know very well. Over the years we have seen many changes, people come and go, and of course all the rises and falls of the economy have certainly made it an interesting ride. Throughout all of this both Adam Dicker (DNForum) and Michael Gilmour (ParkLogic) have stood the test of time and are now recognised as giants in the industry.

Both Adam and Michael take great pleasure in announcing a partnership between DNForum and ParkLogic. This preferred partnership has come about due to the long history and friendship between Adam and Michael and the obvious synergies between the two organisations.

“We are really excited about working alongside one of the stalwarts of the industry,” said Michael, when discussing this venture. “I believe that this partnership is a culmination of experience, like-mindedness and a desire to further stability and responsible growth in the industry.”

Adam said, "I've known Michael for a long time and we've always made it a point to get together at the various domain events around the world. It became clear to me that we both thought in a similar manner about domains and the sophistication of the ParkLogic management platform was exactly what DNForum members having been asking for."

The partnership simply makes sense. ParkLogic is hailed as the industries most sophisticated domain management system and continues to attract professional domain owners from around the world. DNForum is by far the industries largest forum and home to over 105,000 domain owners discussing everything to do with buying, selling, learning about and discussing domains. This ever growing community of domainers at DNForum will now be invited to apply for accounts with ParkLogic and therefore receive the best of both worlds.