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FireworksFirst off, we'd like to wish all our Canadian friends a "late" Happy Canada Day and then of course Happy 4th of July to all our American friends too. We hope you're enjoying some time with family and friends and of course, the fireworks!

We know that our celebratory greetings are coming a little late, but, things have been busy here at ParkLogic as we continue to follow up all the business from this past round the world trip. It really was a fantastic time of being able to connect with friends, colleagues, partners and potential new customers to ParkLogic.

But like all things these days - time keeps marching on and the year seems to be whizzing by at a rapid rate. As a result we are looking towards the rest of this year and are already planning our next trip overseas. This trip to be in North America and primarily focussing on the TRAFFIC Conference in Fort Lauderdale.

During this past trip, Michael and Laci had a stop in Fort Lauderdale, where they had a wonderful time with Rick Schwartz and Howard Neu. In fact they even went and saw the TRAFFIC venue, The Ritz-Carlton, and were very impressed indeed. Saying, "It is possibly one of the best conference venues that they have seen to date."

So we are gearing up and getting ready to book our tickets to attend and we trust that you are making TRAFFIC a priority too. It definitely should be. The TRAFFIC conferences are always an amazing time for doing business and networking. We have been going for years and would not imagine missing them anytime in the future. Make sure we see you there and we can celebrate doing business together!