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ParkLogic Update April 2011

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ParkLogic is pleased to announce a number of new innovations that will assist our clients in managing their domain portfolios and benefit from the entire ParkLogic community.

ParkLogic Ideas If you have a great idea that you would like to see implemented on ParkLogic then you can now submit it via the "Ideas" tab. You can also promote good ideas up the list. This will assist the ParkLogic team to focus our efforts on projects that really matter to you. You can also expect ParkLogic to provide feedback to you as ideas are implemented.

ParkLogic Answers This is where you can ask questions from the ParkLogic team or even other customers and have them answered. Over time this will become an extensive help resource where you can find out how to use the ParkLogic platform to your maximum advantage.

Management Tools
ParkLogic Bulk Tools To help you manage your domain portfolios more efficiently ParkLogic has just released a number of bulk uploading tools. These tools can be found under the "Management Tools" tab and include tools that allow you to; upload domain purchases and sources, update what domains you may have sold and even upload any registrar information. Please add any new bulk tools thoughts to "ideas".

Import Domains
ParkLogic Domain Import You can select the Import Domains tab to add domains to a portfolio. You can now immediately set the nameservers for your domains once you have clicked the "Import Domains" button.

Updated Terms and Conditions
ParkLogic Terms ParkLogic has just updated its terms and conditions to help satisfy business requirements for new and existing products. The terms can be viewed via our main web page.

The Platform Interface
Upon receiving feedback from our customers we've updated the ParkLogic interface to improve performance and make the platform easier to use.